Toyota will use more aluminum in future models

November 28, 2014 at 12:15 am

In the fight to reduce vehicle weight and fuel consumption, Toyota Motor Corp. plans to increase the number of aluminum components in the construction of their future models. The first production model with extensive use of lightweight metal will be crossover Lexus RX 350 the next generation, which should be on sale at the end of 2015. The novelty will receive the aluminum bonnet and fifth door. According to the sources of the American edition, another model with a lightweight hood and trunk lid must be updated Toyota Camry, which is expected to debut in late 2018. Toyota has not yet commented on the information about the use of aluminum in specific models, but confirmed that the company really will boost the use of this metal.

Toyota Camry image

Toyota Camry pics

It is reported that the Japanese auto giant has already signed a deal with the steel company Kobe Steel on the annual supply of 100 thousand tons of aluminum sheet. Also, now there are negotiations to establish a joint steel plant, which can be built in the US state of Alabama.

Lexus RX 350  pics

Lexus RX 350 picture

Note that one of the first mass models, in a body which is widely used light metal, became Ford F-150 new generation. This pickup has completely aluminum body, mounted on a reinforced steel frame. Due to this design solution, the weight has decreased for 317 kg compared to the precursor.

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