Toyota showed active safety system Safety Sense-based on radars and cameras

May 22, 2015 at 2:12 pm

Brand Toyota at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 shows the first experience of installing active safety systems fundamentally new level. The new approach allows us to increase the level of road safety through the collection of information on accidents and its use in the development of active safety systems.

Toyota Safety Sense pics

Toyota Safety Sense image

The package Toyota Safety Sense C for vehicles is equipped with a laser sensor, radar and camera system will include Collision Warning with Auto Brake (PCS – Pre-Collision System), which includes a special mode of traffic in the city, and the containment system in a traffic lane (LDA – Lane Departure Alert). On cars equipped with radar and millimeter-wave camera will be installed an enhanced version of the complex security systems Toyota Safety Sense P, supplemented with adaptive cruise control (ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control) system and Collision Warning with Auto Brake (PCS c function Pedestrian Recognition). On some models of Toyota to improve the comfort of the driver can be further installed system to automatically switch on high beam headlights dipped (AHB – Automatic High Beam) and recognition of road signs (RSA – Road Sign Assist).

Toyota Safety Sense picture

Toyota Safety Sense pics

It is planned that by 2018, active safety systems based on radar and cameras Toyota Safety Sense will be equipped with most of the passenger automobile Toyota.

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