Toyota is working on fuel cell technology with BMW

February 6, 2015 at 3:50 pm

Toyota is working on hydrogen power plant jointly with BMW, but the production car on fuel cells in the plans of the Bavarian premium brand is not yet included. In the near future on the road tests will be released hydrogen prototypes to show that the technology really works.
Bavarian brand cars already had to deal with a hydrogen car – the 2007 BMW collected 100 copies 7-Series, with the 6.9-liter V12, which can run on both gasoline and hydrogen. The car developed 256l.s. Since then, the most advanced in the field of hydrogen cars become Japanese brand Honda and Toyota, the latter has presented the serial version of sedan Mirai, which goes on sale on the Japanese market in 2015. Japanese companies associated with BMW several joint projects, and development of fuel cell technologies – one of them.

BMW and Toyota pics

BMW and Toyota image

According to Ian Robertson, BMW head of sales and marketing, the company will continue to invest in the development of hydrogen power plant, but so far only to equip her test prototypes. Since the main issue in the mass production of such cars is not even whether BMW do so much – Is the infrastructure for this?

BMW and Toyota pics

BMW and Toyota picture

So far, we can say that the market is actively growing sales of electric cars, and the technology of lithium-ion batteries is moving to a new generation of batteries. At the same time there is an indefinite how to determine the cost of hydrogen, and how it will be able to make its delivery.