Toyota has opened access to its patents for hydrogen car

January 14, 2015 at 6:05 pm

Patents can be the starting point of the production of fuel cells, building networks of gas stations, ensuring at the same time, further development of the technology of environmentally friendly cars.
Famous automobile company Toyota has opened access for everyone to his 5600 patents that are relevant to hydrogen, fuel cells and hydrogen fuel technology use in cars.
It should be noted that access to patents granted under the terms of a one-off payment and the purpose of the event is the company’s commitment to expand the scope of the Toyota technology of hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen production and related infrastructure with a view, first of all, on the conceptual hydrogen car Toyota Mirai, which the near future will go into mass production.

Toyota Mirai  pics

Toyota Mirai picture

This car is able overcome 480 km, winning in this indicator in most electric cars.
The car has established itself as the first true hybrid, Toyota’s hope that Mirai one day become the market leader in hydrogen cars.

Toyota Mirai pics

Toyota Mirai image

By the way, Mirai runs on most abundant element in the universe and emits only heat and water – no gases that cause smog and contribute to global warming.

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