Toyota Camry will have a new design

February 22, 2015 at 6:12 pm

Quite popular in certain circles Toyota Camry sedan can get a modification of the sports division of Toyota Racing Development. Moreover, Camry TRD may be a harbinger of a whole wave completed at TRD “Toyota”.
The initiator of the emergence of this activity was the North American division of Toyota. The fact that the US enjoyed increased popularity pickups, elaborated in TRD: for example, 40% of customers choose Tacoma pickup just such a modification. American representatives of the group felt it is useful to use the success of the unit to increase sales and brand sedan line.

Toyota Camry RTD edition picture

Toyota Camry RTD edition pics

Its role should play performances and Toyota Camry in American racing series NASCAR. Perhaps this is why “Camry” will be the first target for experiments. So far, however, it is only to provide a more aggressive sedan with optional aerodynamic elements. According to Automotive News, Toyota has offered the group a series of NASCAR racers come up with their own kit for the sedan. As stated by one of the racers Kyle Busch, it was a good opportunity to have fun, but Toyota estimated that serial kit authorship Bush raised the price of a sedan about 100 000 dollars.

Toyota Camry RTD edition image

Toyota Camry RTD edition pics

The main task of modifying sedan TRD – rejuvenate his audience. The average age of buyers in the US Toyota Camry – 58-60 years, and the manufacturer is planning that by “charged” modification be able to draw the attention of younger sedan buyers.
Which model cars Toyota TRD division will be taken after working with Camry, is not specified.

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