Toyota Begins to Certify Used cars

December 10, 2012 at 9:39 am

Еoyota has announced the launch of a certification program of its used car models, which will check the reliability of used cars on 136 points. During the program development specialists of “Toyota Motor” have explored the best global practices and adapted them to suit the world market and the preferences of customers who live in Europe and other countries. Certification Program for Cars “Toyota Tested” will test the car on 136 points.

Toyota Tested Program

Toyota Tested Program Pic

The works are performed by qualified inspectors. All candidates for inspectors are at first placed in the Information Center Ltd of “Toyota Motor” for 4-day workshop, designed specifically for the program “Toyota Tested”. Every 2 years professionals will be re-certified on the basis of the official distributor for the right to continue work on the program. According to the results of a comprehensive vehicle diagnostics inspector fills out a sheet inspection and assigns assessment grade on a 5-point scale. Certified cars after “Toyota Tested” are only released in a good condition, the once that will get 4 or 5 on the results of verification.

Toyota Tested Porgram

Toyota Tested Porgram Launch 2013 Image

Though what will happen to the car owners whose Toyota vehicles will not pass the certification is not yet known. It is for sure that the automaker will try to do everything to learn how to help the model in future to be more durable, but will be the fate of that unlucky car.

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