Toyota began testing hydrogen buses

January 22, 2015 at 4:31 pm

Toyota has put on the route the bus on the fuel cell, based on the design of the world’s first hydrogen car series Mirai.
New fuel cell bus Fuell Cell Bus developed by two companies: Toyota Motor Corporation and Hino Motors.
If Toyota has provided propulsion Toyota Fuel Cell System, then the company Hino – body and chassis. The bus is equipped with eight cylinders for hydrogen fuel cell two transducers and two electric motors driving the wheels.
It is noteworthy that the power plant Toyota Fuel Cell System is taken from the passenger car Mirai – the world’s first hydrogen car running in production. Today the car is sold for 7.2 million. Yen 2 million.
Of which are compensated by the state.

Toyota  hydrogen bus pics

Toyota hydrogen bus picture

For a machine with a power reserve of up to 500 km built a network of 40 filling stations in Tokyo and its suburbs. New hydrogen bus has already begun to experience – on one of the routes through the plant Toyota. I think that he will get the same start in life, like his younger brother Mirai.

Toyota hydrogen bus pics

Toyota hydrogen bus image

Recall that Electric power of the new Toyota Mirai for the motor will produce a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen storage for electricity is enough for 483 kilometers. A refill of hydrogen balloon will take just 3 minutes.

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