Toyota and BMW started to develop a joint model

January 4, 2015 at 5:44 pm

Toyota and BMW have announced the beginning of work on the first prototypes of the joint model. Engineers from both brands will design the platform of the future sports car, which is scheduled to launch by 2017.
The development of chassis for mid-sized sports car sharing is part of the agreement signed by BMW and Toyota in January 2013th. It provides for cooperation between the two companies in the development of the power plant on fuel cells, lightweight composite materials and a new type of battery.
After signing the contract, the engineers have begun to assess the technical requirements of the project of the future sports car. To complete it is originally planned by the end of last year, but the process was delayed significantly. Why did this happen, the company did not specify.

Toyota FT-1 concept pics

Toyota FT-1 concept picture

Initially it was assumed that the first joint model of car manufacturers will be the successor to the sports car Toyota Supra, which is considered a harbinger of a prototype FT-1. Later, there was an assumption that this would be a novelty BMW Z4 Roadster new generation. At the same time specified that the Bavarian brand specialists do not have anything to do with the revival of “supra”.

Toyota FT-1 concept pics

Toyota FT-1 concept image

In March of this year, it became known that a general model of the two companies will be offered with three petrol motors capacity of 218, 320 and 400 horsepower. Last unit will be reforced version biturbo engine BMW M3 and M4. Design models will be performed in the style of Toyota FT-1.

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