The company Toyota announced mysterious concept BID

February 14, 2015 at 5:41 pm

The Japanese company Toyota officially announced a mysterious concept RND Concept and released the first image of intriguing new car, which, according to representatives of the brand, will “change the face of motorists for several weeks.” Presentation mysterious new items will be held soon.
Among Toyota Company it is describe innovative conceptual novelty short but capacious phrase – RND concept can change the usual understanding of all motorists about the design of vehicles Toyota. In addition, the Japanese brand management believes that the new concept will make impact on all future cars not only Toyota, but other manufacturers.

Toyota logo picture

Toyota logo pics

According to the official press release of the Japanese company, concept Toyota RND, which has the status of a prototype almost ready for mass production. Without revealing all the secrets and keeping the intrigue, Toyota representatives added that already built the necessary manufacturing processes and pricing so that the new car could appear in many markets our planet.

Toyota concept BID picture

Toyota concept BID pics

Among recent conceptual developments of Japanese concern Toyota SUV is worth for noting prototype CH-R, officially launched at the Paris Motor Show in autumn 2014. This concept is a precursor serial rival Nissan Juke. Perhaps the intriguing image reflected back of the car and round parking lights? We can assume that Toyota RND Concept is the first car of the Japanese company created from the 3D-printing.

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