Hydrogen Toyota Mirai will be available in summer

January 10, 2015 at 8:30 pm

Sales of the first Toyota car on hydrogen fuel will begin in Japan in April 2015 and in the European market and the US car will appear in late summer. In the US market price of Toyota Mirai will be around 60 000 dollars, but thanks to government subsidies for cleaner transport, the price can be reduced by 15 000 – $ 20 000.
Hydrogen car from Toyota was named Mirai, which is combined with the introduction of new technologies. Translated from the Japanese name of the hydrogen car is “The Future.” Yes, indeed, in the near future such cars will be more spread around the world, and they are in fact our future. But it will not end automotive progress, and will be inventing new technology. I wonder how will refer to the name of the “future” of the car in 10 years, when it becomes frankly “past.”

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai pics

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai picture

Giving torque the wheels of the car will be an electric motor. Electric power for the motor will produce a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen storage for electricity is enough for 483 kilometers. A refill of hydrogen balloon will take just 3 minutes.

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai pics

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai image

Presentation of the car on the European continent will be held in March next year at the Geneva Motor Show.

In Japan, the cost of hydrogen car Mirai will be 60 300 US dollars. In Europe, Toyota Mirai will appear by the end of summer 2015.

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