Future Toyota cars will be made of aluminum

May 8, 2015 at 6:40 pm

Toyota has plans to increase its design of future models the number of aluminum parts. This will help to reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel efficiency. This is with reference to its sources said the publication Automotive News.
The first model of the manufacturer, which is widely applied this material will be updated crossover Lexus RX 350, which will be available in autumn 2015. In particular, off-road vehicle aluminum hood and perform the tailgate.
In addition, the all-aluminum hood Toyota Camry sedan will get the next generation, which is closer to its debut in 2018. In the Toyota does not comment on specific information models, but confirmed that the company is really going to increase the number of cars in their parts of lightweight materials.

Toyota Camry picture

Toyota Camry pics

“Toyota plans to use aluminum in the hood and other body parts of new models. In addition, we want to expand the use of various alloys and composite materials for weight reduction structures, “- he explained the representative of the Japanese brand Jana Hartline.
Toyota has already reached an agreement with Japanese steel companies Kobe Steel on annual supplies manufacturer of 100 thousand tons of aluminum sheet.

Toyota Camry pics

Toyota Camry image

One of the first mass models, which are used in the architecture of light materials, was the Ford F-150 new generation, presented earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show. Pick-up was reinforced steel frame and an all-aluminum body, through which he became 317 kilograms lighter than its predecessor.