Toyota Sienna of 2018 model year has got a new design

April 25, 2017 at 9:19 am

At the New York Auto Show Toyota Company has shown Sienna minivan of 2018 model year that is distinguished in some exterior and interior changes. The restyled car has got a new grille in the front, sharp hood and wheel discs. Inside of the SE car there will be installed a laminated windscreen that lows the noise and vibration, while the Limited top version will get the soundproof windows and five USB ports for all three rows. The Sienna package will also include the Entune 3.0 information and entertainment system.

Toyota Sienna van of 2018 model year pic

Toyota Sienna van of 2018 model year pic

The second modification of Toyota Sienna minivan

March 30, 2017 at 12:05 pm

The 7- or 8-seat Toyota Sienna minivan of 2018 model year will be manufactured at the Princeton plant in the 2017summer; as for sales, they are supposed to begin in the fall.

Toyota Sienna minivan will get the new modification picture

Toyota Sienna minivan will get the new modification picture


The novelty’s design was changed. Thus, the carmakers added another grille and new light-alloy wheels, as well as they remade the front bumper and the shape of doorsills. The interior does not differ, but the basic equipment of Siena became richer. Depending on the modification, the minivan program will change the grille and the size of the wheels from 17- to 19-inch. All-wheel-drive vehicles are heavier than front-drive analogs by 75 kg. The design of the novelty will be more expensive image The updated package developed for Sienna minivan includes surround view cameras and five additional USB ports. Initially, any version has seven airbags, three-zone climate control, electric drive and front seats heating, a multimedia complex with a touch screen and an audio system with four speakers, as well as MP3 and Bluetooth supports. Last summer, Sienna received a modernized 3.5 V6 engine with combined fuel injection that allowed generating 300-hp and 357 Nm. This time, the engineers removed six-speed automatic transmission and changed it by an eight-band one.

Toyota made a “minivan for Sponge Bob”

January 8, 2015 at 4:20 pm

Designers made this concept to draw the attention to the minivan, a segment of vehicles that has been challenged by a lingering “mom jeans” image as crossovers SUVs to stay in vogue.
Now, Toyota hopes that kids will tell their parents that minivans are cool again.
The new Sienna has a huge SpongeBob’s on its face. There’s even a wand out of the top and the vehicle has a built-in bubble blower. The Sienna has a blue ship’s wheel. The car also has “safety equipment”. There’s a life ring in back.
“SpongeBob, star of the network’s highest-rated animated series, has 80 million followers on Facebook”, says Pam Kaufman, chief marketing officer for the network.

Toyota Sienna pics

Toyota Sienna picture

Toyota updated large minivan Sienna

July 29, 2014 at 9:01 pm

Company Toyota Sienna minivan slightly updated for the new model year and is ready to start its sales. Popular in America, a large family car found minor cosmetic improvements, added to his appeal, and was reissuing the interior.

Photo of Toyota Sienna

Photo of Toyota Sienna