Wald International View of New Toyota Prius III

December 28, 2012 at 9:59 am

As real lovers of Toyota brand and its high-quality and great engaging ride, we cannot stay indifferent to the famous hybrid model of the bran – the great Toyota Prius. We were also quite surprised with its new modification provided by the manufacturer, as new Prius already got to the third generation. This great car found its followers in Europe and even in US, but we shall not forget its home market, were it is a total blast, but local tuners see that there is much more potential to this car. For example the great tuning studio Wald International is ready to present their new modernized kit for this model.

2012 Toyota Prius III

2012 Toyota Prius III Tuning Photo

The redefined Prius received the name of Sports Line. With this great engineering and designers work you can find new color option for the Prius III – Matt Black. But this is not the end for the color work, special parts were decorated with green color, to add some sort of modern and even alternative look to the car. Though, there is another idea behind these inserts, some people say that they were added so that the viewers would not forget about the initial idea of ecologically-friendly car. In addition the car got more ‘angry’ look with redesigned bumper. From the photos provided with this article you can also notice the side “skirts”.

2012 Toyota Prius III

2012 Toyota Prius III Tuning Pic

Unfortunately, or maybe to our luck, nothing from the technical side was changed or added. It may mean that Wald International are mainly satisfied with the core of the car and do not want to intervene with the heart of the vehicle, but let’s also recall the fact that Wald International is a tuning studio that specializes mainly on the redesigning of interior and exterior.

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