Toyota Reveals a Concept of Miniavto i-Road

March 10, 2013 at 9:26 am

At the Geneva Motor Show we will be able to see a new concept of the Toyota mini-car i-Road. It has three wheels, with integrated electric motors in the front. Overall length of the new model is 2350 mm, width is equal to 850 mm, height is about 1700 mm, and the wheelbase is up to 1445 mm. According to the Toyota, because of its small size, about four i-Road can fit on one standard parking space.

Toyota i-Road

Toyota i-Road Photo

Now let’s get some more detailed look at this new car. On the inside, the electric vehicle has two seats, arranged one behind the other. Toyota i-Road has two two-kilowatt electric motors built into the front wheel. They consist of a set of lithium-ion batteries for the prototype of a power reserve of 50 km. Charging the batteries from the household electric socket will take three hours.

Toyota i-Road

Toyota i-Road Pic

The car also got a system called Active Lean, which allows you to lean into the turn, like a motorcycle. Desired angle is calculated by the body electronics, based on the steering angle, vehicle speed and gyro readings. This is a true concept of the future modern city-life personal transportation vehicle.

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