Toyota GT86 TRD is Evil Only on the Outside

February 12, 2013 at 9:35 am

British representatives of the Japanese brand has decided to release a sports coupe version in the limited edition – whether in an effort to spur demand, whether from a lack of confidence that the aggressive outside and standard on the inside car there will be enough buyers. Well, we still do not know, but let’s try to see what more is known about GT86.

2013 Toyota GT86 TRD

2013 Toyota GT86 TRD Photo

The new Toyota GT86 TRD has a new exhaust system, while the new was replaced including also the radiator cap. Exhaust in the car is now more responsive, although its presence does not affect either the power of the motor, or the dynamics of the car. Therefore it can safely be called one of the body kit parts, through which TRD-version can be identified quickly. The total package of the whole modifications of the factory model is quite similar to the independent tuners: pad on the front bumper, insert in the rear bumper, side skirts – and certainly brighter rims (GT86 TRD on the diameter is 18 inches).

2013 Toyota GT86 TRD

2013 Toyota GT86 TRD Pic

Britain announced plans to build and release only 250 of these cars. Reasonable solution, if you know that the new product will cost about 30% more than the conventional coupe.

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