Concept Car Toyota i-Road

February 28, 2013 at 11:17 am

One of the show cars built by Toyota automaker for the Geneva Motor Show needs some additional and more thorough look, the new model will be called i-Road. This sleek, urban electric car made for two people, was created according to the scheme “tandem”. Japanese still do not provide the information about the new product, but in some teasers they promise us a compact car (especially in terms of width) and also engaging in ride.

2013 Toyota i-Road

2013 Toyota i-Road Teaser Image

The company literally offered with the new concept a “fun ride”, this may be provided probably by the maneuvering between the big and massive petrol cars, that will be stuck in traffic jams. Slogan of the model is «i Roll, i Rock», which is pretty catchy but is quite difficult to be understood without additional explanation, maybe it is a hint about the car movements while riding, leaning on the turns. New battery unit of the car will provide it with new innovative core.

2013 Toyota i-Road

2013 Toyota i-Road Teaser Pic

The company also said some facts about the design of their stand in Geneva. Its design is inspired by the art of origami. Although simple sketch attached to the release, does not disclose any details (rather it reflects the general idea), the company promises visitors a series of dynamic curves and three-dimensional image of their site, contrasting with the traditional simple stands.

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