Armed Toyota Sequoia

January 15, 2013 at 9:01 am

Today we are going to look at the example of a really unusual tuning for one of the Toyota models. What do you think, where these creative tuners come from? Well, we hope that you have guessed… Americans have made a new tuning for the Toyota Sequoia model, that transforms this model into a luxury armored car.

2013 Toyota Sequoia

2013 Toyota Sequoia Model Photo

U.S. company Lexani Motorcars took as a base for their creativity and witinnes great model of Toyota Sequoia. With their engineering and design expertise this SUV was turned into a luxury armored, protected car of B7 class. Toyota Sequoia armored body and the roof can withstand fire from weapons of caliber 7.62 (7.62×51 mm). The increased bottom protects passengers from a mine or two grenades DM-51.

2013 Armed Toyota Sequoia

2013 Armed Toyota Sequoia Interior Photo

In addition, the SUV received an armored glass, video surveillance system with which you can monitor what is going on on the outside of the car. In addition the model got a secured fuel tank, additional battery and electronics. The interior of the was finished with leather and wood. In the rear side the model has a large flat screen TV, a bar for six bottles, a private audio-video system and docking station for the iPad tablet. The total cost of an armored SUV of Toyota Sequoia is not reported.

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