Toyota Crown Concept will be unveiled in Tokyo

October 14, 2017 at 2:46 pm

At the motor show in Tokyo there will be presented Toyota Crown Concept of the fifteenth generation. The new Crown has the same 1800 mm of width and 1455 mm of height and new 4910 mm of length increased by 15 mm. The wheelbase of the new generation car has 2920 mm instead of 2850 mm of its predecessor.

Smart Toyota Crown Concept picture

Smart Toyota Crown Concept picture

Toyota can turn into a powerful hybrid version

September 18, 2017 at 11:48 am

C-HR Hy-Power’s debut took a place in Frankfurt, where the serial version is supposed to be launched. Hy-Power addition to the car’s name points out that the power is really increased. However, the exact figures of the petrol-electric motor are not disclosed as well as whole technical equipment. Company promises to share more information in early 2018. Recall, the concept is based on the serial model C-HR Hybrid, which delivers 122 horsepower.

Toyota C-HR Hy-Power has a on original design photo

Toyota C-HR Hy-Power has a on original design photo

Toyota FT-86 Open: sexy convertible

February 4, 2015 at 8:25 pm

Toyota GT86 sports coupe started excellently. Even before the official start of sales, last year the company in Japan has received 7,000 orders for the model.
Even environmentally tolerant Europeans for the first six months of 4800 over bought “Ji-Tishok”, plus another 800 copies twin brother – Subaru BRZ.
Japanese decided to squeeze out of the maximum model traditional method – the extension of the lineup. One of the first modifications will be incredibly sexy convertible based coupe, as eloquently demonstrates the concept.
At its core, it will be a little different car. Not “street bully” and not “the king track days” and “glamorous conqueror of hearts” – both drivers and pedestrians.
The car’s interior will be decorated first-class materials and cover it from the elements will be fabric roof with electric drive.

Toyota FT-86 Open pics

Toyota FT-86 Open picture

Toyota made a “minivan for Sponge Bob”

January 8, 2015 at 4:20 pm

Designers made this concept to draw the attention to the minivan, a segment of vehicles that has been challenged by a lingering “mom jeans” image as crossovers SUVs to stay in vogue.
Now, Toyota hopes that kids will tell their parents that minivans are cool again.
The new Sienna has a huge SpongeBob’s on its face. There’s even a wand out of the top and the vehicle has a built-in bubble blower. The Sienna has a blue ship’s wheel. The car also has “safety equipment”. There’s a life ring in back.
“SpongeBob, star of the network’s highest-rated animated series, has 80 million followers on Facebook”, says Pam Kaufman, chief marketing officer for the network.

Toyota Sienna pics

Toyota Sienna picture

Toyota created the new van for the metropolis

November 9, 2014 at 10:08 pm

California design studio Calty of Toyota Company has produced an original prototype of delivery van Urban Utility (U2).
According to developers, conceptual van represents what should be the ideal city car in the context of growing urbanization. Toyota U2 – this is a compact car that incorporates the functionality of a pickup and a spacious interior, like a delivery van.
The concept is able to satisfy the basic requirements of drivers to their cars in metropolitan areas, including good fuel economy, maneuverability and ease of operation in dense urban areas, as well as easy loading and unloading.

The NEW Toyota Van U2  image

The NEW Toyota Van U2 images

Paris Motor Show 2014: Toyota presented a number of interesting conceptual models and string of new products

November 1, 2014 at 6:32 pm

Full of ecstasy and happiness by reason of presentation of newest models and demonstration of conceptual futuristic cars, journalists, car owners and representatives of front runners in automobile manufacturing companies from around the world recently filled exhibition halls of Paris Motor Show 2014. At the show Toyota has presented the new concept car CH-R, which has attracted the attention of all participants and visitors of the event. This model represents a hybrid car of the future, which is the embodiment of Toyota developments over the past 20 years.

Paris Motor Show 2014: Toyota presented a number of interesting conceptual models and string of new products

Paris Motor Show 2014: Toyota presented a number of interesting conceptual models and string of new products

Toyota has built a 1,000-horsepower race car TS040 Hybrid

March 29, 2014 at 4:24 pm

Actively promoting hybrid propulsion in motorsports, Toyota built and officially unveiled its new car TS040 Hybrid, which this year will perform at the 24-hour Le Mans endurance race and the World Endurance Championship 2014 (WEC). The car is a prototype evolved TS030 Hybrid, but received a number of improvements and upgrades to improve your chances of winning and meet more stringent rules. The main competitors will be German Japanese hybrids Audi and Porsche.

Toyota TS040 Hybrid front image

Toyota TS040 Hybrid front image