Toyota’s Plans for Compact Crossover

January 13, 2013 at 11:39 am

Toyota is considering the possibility of producing a compact crossover, which would be able to compete for the customers with already present compact model of another great Japanese automaker – Nissan Juke. The aggressive competition in year 2013 has pushed Toyota to think really seriously about this. Another reason for such a project can also be the increased interest of the customers in the segment of compact crossovers, in such a way Toyota wants to follow the market trends to the fullest.

Toyota Rugged Sports Coupe

Toyota Rugged Sports Coupe Photo

According to the info sources, the basis for future model the designers of Toyota can take the prototype model named Rugged Sports Coupe, the appearance of the original version of which will be substantially revised. This concept was developed in California and was first presented in 2001 at the Motor Show in Chicago.

Toyota Rugged Sports Coupe

Toyota Rugged Sports Coupe Pic

It is expected that a compact crossover could be built on a platform of “Yaris” or “Auris” of the next generation. These chassis will let you specify the hybrid power plant, which will certainly appear in the line units. The final decision about the launch of a series of such models has not yet been adopted by the management of Toyota.

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