Toyota track model GT86 for the city

December 17, 2014 at 3:09 pm

In 2015, the carmaker Toyota Company plans to launch an extreme version of a GT86. The new model will be the serial version of the prototype GRMN 86, which debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in January this year.
From the standard version GT86 new model differs as modified bumpers, a large wing on the roof of the trunk, the elements of carbon fiber bodywork, a new hood with additional ventilation “gills”, stiffer suspension, as well as enhanced braking system and 17-inch wheels.
The interior of the new items will be innovative sports seats with improved lateral support and four-point seat belts, as well as a new sports steering wheel trim, selector lever and handbrake lever. The racing version of the GT86 will retain aspirated four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.0 liters.

Toyota track model GT86 pics

Toyota track model GT86 picture

In this case, the motor will get a new program management and exhaust system, and its capacity will increase by approximately 30 horsepower (power normal coupe version will have 200 horsepower).

Toyota track model GT86  pics

Toyota track model GT86 image

In October this year, Toyota showed the racing version of the coupe GT86, which became the prototype of serial variation 86 TRD Griffon. The power of the racing version of GT86 was 200 horsepower, as in the standard model.

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