Toyota told about the benefits of Mirai

June 8, 2015 at 6:06 pm

Toyota has released a video in which jokingly played up the statement that hydrogen cars “it’s crap, and they are futile.” The three-minute film tells about the use of cow manure to create biofuels to hydrogen sedan Mirai. The video was directed American documentarian Morgan Spurlock, known for his film experiments “Super Size Me”, dedicated to the detriment of fast food.

Toyota Mirai picture

Toyota Mirai pics

In the story, a mechanical engineer Scott Blanchett arrives at the farm where the manure pick-up loads, and then takes him to the station for the production of biohydrogen. Then the mechanic and a farmer is charged with first production hydrogen “Toyota” on fuel cells – a sedan Mirai. In the future, “Toyota” will launch several similar video, which tells about the use of other sources of hydrogen. The cycle is called “fuelled by everything.”

Toyota Mirai pics

Toyota Mirai image

In the US Toyota Mirai costs 57 thousand 500 dollars, in Japan about 7.24 million yen (61 thousand 500 dollars). In January, Toyota has received fifteen thousand orders for the Hydrogen Saloon. Until the end of 2015 the Japanese automaker was going to realize only 400 such cars.

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