Toyota Taking Off Some Models

January 7, 2013 at 9:27 am

As the year 2013 is one of the most difficult to the automakers, as projected by majority of motor magazines, due to the fierce and very aggressive approach of the competition, some brands decided to take the expansion approach, but it also means that other less successful models will be taken off from production. Toyota has some of such models too, and sadly enough it will be the Lexus model of LFA.

Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA Model Photo

Subsidiary of Toyota a luxury brand of Lexus has withdrew from the production of the brand a unique supercar LFA. The model was developed in 2010 and has included all the technical achievements of Toyota. During the two years of the LFA it was released in 500 copies – all in all producing one unique model per day. Now Lexus is considering developing a successor to the LFA.

Lexus HS Hybrid

Lexus HS Hybrid Model Pic

In addition, Lexus hybrid version refuses the further production of the model HS, it will be replaced by the car model that is in a line of ES with a similar power plant. It just seems that currently the market doesn’t need these types of cars, focusing rather on small compact models and more affordable cars. We still hope that in the future Toyota will return to these cars.

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