Toyota released the charged version of the Camry

December 31, 2014 at 11:17 pm

Japanese giant car manufacturer Toyota has teamed up with the American tuning studio Toyota Racing Development for creating a racing version of the popular sedan Camry. The model will take part in the famous championship NASCAR. This is the first production car, which after restyling fit regulations Gen 6.
In the spring of this year serial sedan Toyota Camry has been updated. The “charged” version has taken in itself all design updates. The model has not only specially racing sports front and rear of the body, but also a little differently lateral glazing.
Japanese experts said nothing about the technical specs. It is only known that the Camry will be released on the racing track in February next year. It will participate on Daytona International Speedway track.

 charged version of the Camry 2015 image

charged version of the Camry 2015 pics

Recall that in 2013 was adopted regulations Gen 6in NASCAR.

charged version of the Camry 2015 pics

charged version of the Camry 2015 picture

In particular there was a failure from the carburetor, be sure to use in the manufacture of carbon fiber hood and trunk, you must install a new roll cage, as well as cars should be as close to production models.

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