Toyota Prius of new generation will get features of a crossover

January 2, 2015 at 10:53 pm

According to recent news, a new generation of hybrid Toyota Prius hatchback has acquired a radically new design, and it happened at the time of the final reconciliation before running the model into production in April this year. According to the publication, the head of the auto giant Toyoda Akio decided to rethink its approach to the design of cars and put him at the forefront of modern development strategy Toyota. As a consequence, the chief designer of the company had to re-sit for a drawing tablet, as a ready-made design Prius ceased to correspond to the new benchmark.
This unexpected turn of events led to a postponement of the start of production of the next generation Toyota Prius in the spring of 2015 at the end.

crossover Toyota C-HR pics

crossover Toyota C-HR picture

Talking about the design of Prius in 2016, more particularly, the manufacturer decided to make it sporty and attractive to young drivers, and, according to another source, it will be very close to the style of presented in Paris this October conceptual crossover Toyota C-HR.

crossover Toyota C-HR pics

crossover Toyota C-HR image

Of course, inherently Prius hatchback remains the city car and the increase of the clearance is not planned, because it would adversely affect the aerodynamics and fuel consumption – a critical parameter for the model.

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