Toyota launches a new brand in China

December 27, 2014 at 11:09 pm

Toyota will release a new sub-brand Lingzhi. In 2015, the Chinese market will create a new sub-brand Lingzhi, for which cars will be produced in a joint venture in Guangzhou-Toyota.
The basis of the new brand, which, incidentally, will be developed at the company Guangzhou-Toyota, put electro cars that are sufficiently available in its price policy for Chinese young people.
Subsidiary Toyota production unit will debut, especially in China, where it will be called Lingzhi.
For other markets the name of the new brand will Leahead (from Leap Ahead).
The main buyers, which will be designed a new brand is expected to become the so-called “golden youth” who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Lingzhi  Leahead pics

Lingzhi Leahead image

The first car in the lineup Lingzhi will be presented by Toyota in 2015 at an exhibition in Guangzhou.

Lingzhi Leahead pics

Lingzhi Leahead picture

For the first time on the new brand Lingzhi / Leahead was announced back in 2013 at the motor show in Shanghai, when Toyota showed an unnamed concept car. The first production electric car will be presented in November of the following year at the auto show in Guangzhou.

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