Toyota has delivered first hydrogen sedan Mirai

January 24, 2015 at 7:58 pm

The first owner of the production version of Toyota Mirai became Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.
Toyota has announced that the first production sedan instance hydrogen fuel cell delivered to the owner. Car keys to the Prime Minister of Japan presented by the President “Toyota” Akira Toyoda.
During the ceremony Akira Toyoda said: “This is a historic step, and I’m really excited. This is the beginning of a new way and takes that first step, I stress once again a historic step, we (with the Government of Japan – approx. Ed.) Have to do together.”
Sedan Toyota Mirai is equipped with power-plant fuel cell. Its capacity is 154 hp and range – more than 480 km. Price in Japan – 7,236,000 yen (about 3.99 million rubles at the exchange rate on January 16, 1915).

Toyota Mirai 2015 pics

Toyota Mirai 2015 picture

Earlier, Toyota said the FCV-sedan deliveries may be delayed because of pre-orders for the purchase of the vehicle was obtained three times more than expected.

Toyota Mirai 2015 pics

Toyota Mirai 2015 image

Recall that in the European market and the US car will appear in late summer. In the US market price of Toyota Mirai will be around 60 000 dollars, but thanks to government subsidies for cleaner transport, the price can be reduced by 15 000 – $ 20 000.

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