Toyota has created a full-size driving simulator

January 28, 2015 at 10:01 pm

With the development of virtual reality helmets popularity, many companies or even ordinary people are beginning to find it a rather unusual way of application. For example, Toyota decided to use a helmet for driving instruction.
Toyota has created a full-size driving simulator that allows you to track the actions of the driver in a variety of conditions such as illness, sleepiness, etc. Using the simulator will contribute to the development of active safety systems. This vehicle is in the dome simulator with a 360-degree screen, recreating the actual road conditions.
Japanese Toyota began digging project TeenDrive365, in which it plans to use a virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift driver education
The initiative is mainly aimed at teenagers learning to focus specifically on the wheel driving and not be distracted by extraneous things, such as mobile phones or talking passengers.

helmet Oculus Rift pics

helmet Oculus Rift image

Now, Toyota has developed a program simulator Highway US, which also includes 10 major cities in the country

helmet Oculus Rift pics

helmet Oculus Rift picture

It is reported that the project TeenDrive365 starts on January 15th. As planned by the company Toyota, such an initiative should help to reduce the number of accidents on the roads, especially among young and inexperienced drivers.

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