Toyota Camry can add the TRD line

February 16, 2015 at 5:58 pm

The company plans to significantly expand the range of TRD using their massive sedans. The first candidate is precisely the Camry. Corresponding modification may occur by the end of this year.
Toyota Motor shared her plans for the expansion line modifications TRD: in this model range includes the version modified by means of the same name aftermarket components, as well as a number of different custom settings. Currently lineup TRD most developed in the American model range Toyota. This trend the company plans to develop, updated with several new positions.
At the moment, the foundation line TRD make pickups and SUVs Toyota, but the company believes that it is time to supplement her sedans. The first candidate, a positive decision on which can already be considered as adopted is the Toyota Camry. The car will receive TRD version by the end of this year – it will be offered as a sample of 2016 model year.

Toyota Camry TRD version image

Toyota Camry TRD version pics

According to the publication Automotive News General Manager Toyota Motor Bill Fay, Camry is the most likely candidate, and even more specifically, on this occasion spoke senior vice president of the American division of Toyota Motor Bob Carter. According to him, several prototypes that reflect the work in this direction have already been prepared, but in the final version they will be somewhat simplified as a landmark for the Camry were taken racing series NASCAR, and they have a serial Toyota sedans very indirect relationship.

Toyota Camry TRD version picture

Toyota Camry TRD version pics

Whatever it was, Camry TRD version will receive is expected to feature a number of improvements (aerodynamic body kit, new optics, grille, tires and wheels), as well as the changes will affect the suspension and braking system. It is possible that some of the improvements will affect and the engine, but deep tuning should not wait: likely to be modified intake and exhaust systems, and possibly reprogram the control electronics.

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