The new version of legendary Toyota Hilux pick-up

December 9, 2014 at 10:07 pm

To create a new appearance of the cult pickup Toyota has created a special group of designers. The development did not last long, because the Hilux is not a premium SUV, which is important every little line, but a driven car. In 2015, the Corporation will complete the presentation of a new car in the world. Assessing the photo of Toyota Hilux, we can safely say that the corporation is not too sought to create a modern design. Pickup inherits rough masculine traits. A new design has become more rough and sharp, voiced the character of an SUV and its purpose. The space for the driver and passengers is slightly increased by widening the dimensions of the car. Due to the new design, which has receiver in 2015 some completeness and usefulness, Toyota Hilux looks in the photo similar to many premium cars in the class.

Toyota Hilux pick-up 2015 picture

Toyota Hilux pick-up 2015 pics

The appearance of the new car is a reflection of a fairly serious technical characteristics and possibilities of Toyota Hilux 2015. The new design of a pickup truck brought it to the prospective buyers of SUVs, because the cost of a car is quite democratic, and its ability to cross is not worse than the more expensive offerings.

Toyota Hilux pick-up 2015 image

Toyota Hilux pick-up 2015 pics

Toyota Hilux in its next generation will have characteristics such as base diesel engine of 2.5 liters and 144 horsepower, senior power plant, also diesel, outstanding 171 horsepower and has 3.5 liters of volume. All models will be equipped with four-wheel drive and enough high-quality reliable technology. The engine is equipped with a younger manual transmission, Senior – automatic.

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