In Tokyo, launched on car sharing of electric tricycle i-Road

June 19, 2015 at 4:36 pm

In Tokyo, Japan, a city that aims to become one of the most “green” (environmentally friendly) on the planet has launched a service to car sharing electric tricycle.
Recently released by Toyota i-Road electric tricycle will be offered a temporary rent in the center of Tokyo.

Toyota i-Road picture

Toyota i-Road pics

Cost is a pleasure to be 417 yen per 15 minutes. According to the current exchange rate is about 3.1 euros. The total of electric tricycle rental period cannot exceed 2.5 hours.
Backup is performed on a special website. This is (on a test phase) identified only five places in the center of the Japanese capital, where you can take and pass car sharing electric tricycle i-Road.

Toyota i-Road image

Toyota i-Road image

During testing of the new service only 5 i-Road units will participate in the experiment. The further fate of the project will depend on how you react to it residents and guests of the metropolis of the country of the rising sun.

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