2015 The amazing style of new Toyota Avensis

October 6, 2014 at 3:55 pm

The future generation of Toyota Avensis is going to come with the new elegant exterior and really comfortable interior. The car will present a combination of an amazing style and perfect quality. Takashi Yamamoto, the Toyota program’s chief engineer wanted to give to Avensis a European look. He even drove thousands miles through the Europe to get a feel for the culture.

aggressive front bumper image - Toyota Avensis

aggressive front bumper image – 2015 Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis will be powered with a 2.2-liter diesel engine D-4 or with a 1.8-liter Vavelmatic gas engine. All the Toyota Avensis models will use the six-speed transmission, while 1.8-litre gas engine will be available with Toyota’s M/D S automated manual. 2.2-liter diesel-engine powered Avensis model acceleration 100 km/h time is 8.9 sec.

toyota avensis 2015 pic, blue, black color

toyota avensis 2015 pic, blue, black color

The manufacturer is going to use the Alcantara natural leather for the seats. The front seats are heated. The steering wheel will be leather trimmed. Among another Amensis technical equipment is a climate and cruise control, a DAB tuner, a rear view camera, a textured dashboard, an elaborate center console with a charcoal effect, the fog-lights, the modern safety ABS, EBD, TRC, VSC systems with seven airbags.

2013 elegant European Toyota Avensis pic

old 2013 elegant and more European Toyota Avensis pic

The car will be available for sells in 2015, but the company doesn’t announce officially the release date.

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