2015 new Toyota Sienna minivan

December 19, 2014 at 3:09 pm

2015 Toyota Sienna minivan received, though not large, but important changes to the exterior. View has become more purposeful and complete. On the front side were redesigned headlamps, LED daytime running lights and are also present. The grille is also changed, it’s became a hexagonal lattice, consisting of two divisions, has become more aggressive and better integrated into the overall look of the car, emphasizing his individuality. Designers have been changed and the landing fog lamps, making them more eye-catching. On each side of the body was more angular and sharp shapes. Toyota clearly wants to show that minivans can also be aggressive and noticeable on the road. Behind the main alteration in the car touched stoplights. And yes, as the front, they also placed LEDs. Inside, the car has received a more upscale interior.

2015 Toyota Sienna minivan pics

2015 Toyota Sienna minivan picture

Everywhere is dominated pleasant to the touch and expensive-looking materials such as leather, if the fabric, the quality if the plastic, the most expensive. It’s easy to use, multi-function area with an abundance of servo and huge internal space, and will not quit. Redesign and touched the front panel. Screens multimedia system, navigation and other bells and whistles attached.

2015 Toyota Sienna minivan pics

2015 Toyota Sienna minivan image

As before, in 2015 Toyota Sienna has 8 Air Bags. Rear view camera with parking auxiliary lines also become the standard 3.5 liter engine- 266 strong combined with a six-speed automatic transmission. Front-wheel drive is as standard, available AWD, but as an option.

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