Toyota will revive the legendary sports car Supra

May 30, 2015 at 3:05 pm

Vice-President of Sales and Marketing of the European branch of Toyota Karl Schlicht revealed details of the new sports car company.
Toyota and BMW has officially confirmed that will be engaged in joint development of a sports car and has since appeared in the media a lot of unconfirmed rumors about both versions. At the Geneva Motor Show in an interview with Vice-President of Toyota finally shed light on the mysterious model, noting that it will be located above 86 GT sports car series.

2016 Toyota Supra picture

2016 Toyota Supra pics

We can assume that Toyota will revive the symbolic model Supra, for the company does not make sense to use the name Celica, given that the previous model was about the same size as the GT 86.
Toyota has introduced a harbinger of a new sports car in the guise of an exciting concept FT-1. At the moment it is not known what will be located under the hood of the new “Supra”, but there are suggestions that the news provided to all-wheel drive hybrid system consisting of a 4-cylinder 2.0-liter BMW engine and electric motor, powered by ultra-capacitors.

2016 Toyota Supra pics

2016 Toyota Supra image

If all goes according to plan, the sports car from Toyota will be in 2017 and is likely to cost more than the Corvette, the price of which in the United States starts with a mark of 55 thousand dollars for the 2015MY Coupe.

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