Toyota will recycle used batteries from hybrid cars

June 14, 2015 at 5:27 pm

The European division of Toyota intends to get all the batteries from their out-of exploitation of hybrid cars to use them again. This is motivated by a desire to save money, as a lithium-ion and Ni-MH batteries employ expensive materials.

Toyota Pruis picture

Toyota Pruis pics

At the moment, Toyota gets up to 91 percent of used battery life through its own dealer network. However, the Japanese are going to expand the system battery return, concluding appropriate agreements with independent companies engaged in recycling of old cars throughout Europe.

Toyota Pruis pics

Toyota Pruis image

Toyota has extended the contract with the French company Societe Nouvelle d’Affinage des Metaux (SNAM) and the Belgian company Umicore NV until March 2018 about recycling your batteries. SNAM is preparing to re-exploitation of nickel-metal hydride batteries, included in the power plant hybrids Pruis, Auris, Yaris and all relevant models of Lexus, and the second returns into circulation lithium-ion battery models Pruis + and Prius Plug-in.

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