Toyota made a “minivan for Sponge Bob”

January 8, 2015 at 4:20 pm

Designers made this concept to draw the attention to the minivan, a segment of vehicles that has been challenged by a lingering “mom jeans” image as crossovers SUVs to stay in vogue.
Now, Toyota hopes that kids will tell their parents that minivans are cool again.
The new Sienna has a huge SpongeBob’s on its face. There’s even a wand out of the top and the vehicle has a built-in bubble blower. The Sienna has a blue ship’s wheel. The car also has “safety equipment”. There’s a life ring in back.
“SpongeBob, star of the network’s highest-rated animated series, has 80 million followers on Facebook”, says Pam Kaufman, chief marketing officer for the network.

Toyota Sienna pics

Toyota Sienna picture

“Moreover, “post-Millennials,” as the current generation of kids is being called, “love spending time with their parents more than anything. Parents are hyperfocused on spending time with their kids. It’s the kids who are deciding where to go on vacation and what vehicle to buy.”

Toyota Sienna pics

Toyota Sienna image

For kids, the SpongeBob minivan is designed to draw them in right away to convince their parents to buy the car.

Special attention was paid to the interior. In the Sienna’s latest redesign, Toyota worked extra hard to dress up the minivan’s interior. Visitors just have to notice the upscale materials and other touches that were put into the minivan’s cabin. Each of the seats will be themed to highlight one of SpongeBob’s friends.

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