Toyota introduced rechargeable Prius Prime hybrid

May 15, 2016 at 6:43 pm

Toyota has brought to the New York International Auto Show a new generation of rechargeable hybrid, which received the name Prius Prime. Rechargeable hybrid of the new generation now is equipped with the extended battery unit. Developed on the basis of the usual Prius, the Japanese novelty received the battery pack with the capacity of 8.8 kWh, and this allowed to improve the efficiency of the entire power plant, as well as to increase the cruising range on electric power. The Toyota assures that the Prius Prime is able to pass without the participation of an internal combustion engine up to 35 km at speeds up to 135 km / h.

2016 Efficient Toyota Prius Prime pic

2016 Efficient Toyota Prius Prime Hybrid pic

Although the gasoline engine has remained the same, the developers of new products claim that the Prius Prime hybrid regime became 26% more efficient than its predecessor, and at a certain driving style it is possible to achieve 1.96 liters of fuel consumption per 100 km. Thus, with a full tank and charged batteries you can come to the gas station only once in the 965 km.

2016 Rechargeable Toyota Prius Prime Hybrid pic

2016 Rechargeable Toyota Prius Prime Hybrid pic

In general Prius Prime got better equipment compared to the basic Prius. So, for example, standard equipment includes a multimedia screen with a diagonal of 11.6 inches, navigation, head-up display and a Safety Sense P. system. Home sales of Toyota Prius Prime is expected this autumn.

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