Toyota GT 86 Convertible Model

December 4, 2012 at 8:13 pm

The new rear-drive sports car Toyota GT 86 will be available in two car body modifications. In early March, at the international motor show in Geneva, the Japanese manufacturer will officially present to the public with the company’s new version of the Toyota GT 86 model. Convertible model is not heavier than the coupe of the same name, because engineers are going to equip the machine with fabric roof and remove the rear seats. Earlier, chief engineer of the project “Toyota GT 86″ Tetsu Tada said in an interview with German publication, that the new sports car of the brand was developed in such a way that at its base in the future could be design a convertible model as well.

2013 Toyota GT 86

2013 Toyota GT 86 Convertible Photo

In terms of the core the new open and modified Toyota GT 86 has got the standard naturally aspirated gasoline engine of 2.0 liters and 200 hp of the power output. Though do not be afraid, as the choice will be offered to potential buyers of the manual transmission and automatic transmission systems.

2013 Toyota GT 86

2013 Toyota GT 86 Convertible Image

It is assumed that the convertible Toyota GT 86 will cost about $ 2000 more than the same name base model of the company. Starting price Toyota GT 86 on the European market will be about 33,700 Euros. Following the Toyota GT 86, a new public version of the rear-wheel drive BRZ, a twin of GT 86, will be presented by Subaru.

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