Toyota FT-86 Open: sexy convertible

February 4, 2015 at 8:25 pm

Toyota GT86 sports coupe started excellently. Even before the official start of sales, last year the company in Japan has received 7,000 orders for the model.
Even environmentally tolerant Europeans for the first six months of 4800 over bought “Ji-Tishok”, plus another 800 copies twin brother – Subaru BRZ.
Japanese decided to squeeze out of the maximum model traditional method – the extension of the lineup. One of the first modifications will be incredibly sexy convertible based coupe, as eloquently demonstrates the concept.
At its core, it will be a little different car. Not “street bully” and not “the king track days” and “glamorous conqueror of hearts” – both drivers and pedestrians.
The car’s interior will be decorated first-class materials and cover it from the elements will be fabric roof with electric drive.

Toyota FT-86 Open pics

Toyota FT-86 Open picture

As with the coupe, convertible salon will only quadruple.
Because of the folded roof and beams amplifier car body recovered 50 kilograms. And the engine – the same: two-liter boxer aspirated, which produces 200 forces and 205 Nm Therefore, we should expect a slight deterioration in the dynamics. To its first hundred Convertible accelerates probably around 8 seconds. Which is also good.
Transmission – both coupe rear-wheel drive and gearbox – six-speed automatic or mechanical.

Toyota FT-86 Open pics

Toyota FT-86 Open image

According to the Japanese prototype Toyota FT-86 Open is only a first draft, and yet there is only one Even admitted that they have not started full-scale tests. Therefore, either the timing of the start of serial production of new products or pricing has not yet spoken.
The only thing that is certain – when the car still appear on the market, known for his guaranteed.

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