Toyota Engineers Made a Bigger GT86

March 16, 2013 at 12:04 pm

Compact coupe Toyota GT86 again becoming a topic of discussion. As it turned out, the company ponders the transformation of the model to the whole family vehicle, and it will grow in an unexpected direction – so in the end it can turn into a sedan.

2013 Toyota GT86

2013 Toyota GT86 wagon Photo

Chief engineer of the Toyota GT86 project bears serious plans. According to Tetsuya Tady, a Japanese sports car can become a founder of a new sub-brand and position itself as the competitor to the model MINI – the brand, which is part of the concern BMW.

2013 Toyota GT86

2013 Toyota GT86 wagon Pic

The latest modification of GT86 concept convertible is now presented in Geneva – in the words of Tady, the possibility of getting away the sports car roof was included in the design is in the initial stages of design. In addition, the working group in secret from the authorities, worked on the platform of the new sedan, wagon and even on a fashionable type shooting brake. “I have five dogs, and I would like to be able to take them with my sports car,” – said the Tada about his idea of a wagon

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