Toyota created the new van for the metropolis

November 9, 2014 at 10:08 pm

California design studio Calty of Toyota Company has produced an original prototype of delivery van Urban Utility (U2).
According to developers, conceptual van represents what should be the ideal city car in the context of growing urbanization. Toyota U2 – this is a compact car that incorporates the functionality of a pickup and a spacious interior, like a delivery van.
The concept is able to satisfy the basic requirements of drivers to their cars in metropolitan areas, including good fuel economy, maneuverability and ease of operation in dense urban areas, as well as easy loading and unloading.

The NEW Toyota Van U2  image

The NEW Toyota Van U2 images

A special scheme transformation salon has been developed for Toyota U2. With slots on the floor, walls and ceiling, you can mount fixings for various cargoes – from boxes to sports equipment. A driver and three of his companion can accommodate in the passenger compartment, and, if necessary, all passenger seats can be folded or removed. In addition, the rear door of the van can be used as a ramp for easy loading of luggage.

The NEW Toyota Van U2 pics

The NEW Toyota Van U2 picture

You can also omit the glass tailgate, remove the roof panel to accommodate the load exceeds the size of the machine, and remove some elements of the center console for the transport of long-length.

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