Test-drive Toyota Verso

January 21, 2013 at 9:47 am

Toyota Verso is a car, which today can be described as rare. Toyota Verso is a great and one of its kind family-van. On cars of this class there is a lot of pressure from the crossovers, significantly reducing the segment of MPV. Therefore today we will investigate what Toyota Verso has to beat the new and fresh SUVs.

2013 Toyota Verso

2013 Toyota Verso Photo

Verso has an automatically limited speed limit, and therefore offers greater safety, as the car’s speed will not higher than 170 km / h. Once after the wheel, the driver can notice the gearshift paddles, this feature is usually liked by majority of consumers and bring more utility for the ride. It turned out that the car has a stepless variator with 7 “gear.” And they really can work when it is necessary for the driver. Still it is very surprising that in the specifications it is stated that the car in order to accelerate to 100 km / h at the needs 11.1 seconds, as during the test-drive it seemed much faster.

2013 Toyota Verso

2013 Toyota Verso Pic

Typically cars in this class are boring vehicles, entirely “incarcerated” under the utility. This car is great in handling and also offers a pretty engaging ride, as the car is responsive to every your movement and seems to be built in order to adhere to all your riding requirements.

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