Paris Motor Show 2014: hydrogen serial Toyota FCV

November 2, 2014 at 7:07 pm

Toyota presented in Paris its new serial hydrogen FCV, to explore the interest of the public. Toyota group is working on fuel cells not only for cars, but also for buses, trucks and even houses. The key to the commercial viability of the project is in mass production of hydrogen electrochemical cells. European showing of sedan Toyota FCV with hydrogen propulsion became another demonstration of the importance of environmentally friendly cars. Fuel installations cells runing on hydrogen develop 136 hp.

The Toyota FCV fuel cell vehicle

new serial hydrogen FCV

Contrary to fears that EcoMobil is not too slow. It takes 10 seconds to get the first “hundred”. Such power and dynamic characteristics are quite comparable to those of a sedan with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine. Toyota’s FCV cruising range is more than impressive: hydrogen car overcomes from 480 to 700 km regardless of style, conditions and movement, and for all this way it takes only 5 kilograms of hydrogen.

The Toyota FCV fuel cell vehicle

Toyota showed the appearance of serial hydrogen FCV

At first glance the price of the car looks frighteningly (as long as it is defined only for Japan, where Toyota FCV goes on sale the spring of 2015). They ask for serial sedan a little less than $ 70 000. Expensive? In fact, considering how expensive the cost of previous prototypes and their development was, it is quite reasonable price.

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