Next Generation Corolla or Auris

January 9, 2013 at 5:21 pm

New generation sedan Toyota Corolla photos were recently caught on the Internet. Even though the official information was very limited and didn’t allow us to imagine new Corolla, with the help of the following information you can easily get almost full understanding of the new car that is being offered by this great Japanese automaker.

2013 Toyota Corolla

2013 Toyota Corolla Pic

In the exterior of the new Toyota Corolla one could clearly notice the features of the latest generation model Auris. A four-door Corolla is similar to Auris in the style of the front bumper and grille. Toyota Auris has had a great influence on the style of the interior of this new sedan, which can confirmed by the images of interior of the models.

2013 Toyota Corolla

2013 Toyota Corolla Photo

The information about a set of power plants for new Toyota Corolla is also not that final at this stage. But it is expected that the range of engines will include some engines of the sedan model Auris, which is now available with the petrol units with the volume of 1.33 and 1.6 liters and 98-hp and 130-hp respectively, 89-horsepower diesel engine of 1.4 liters and a hybrid core, which combines a 1.8-liter “engine” VVT-i and the electric motor. Double unit develops 134 hp and 142 Nm of torque.

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