Redefining Toyota GT 86

January 1, 2013 at 12:37 pm

Sports and tuning partner of Toyota company – racing team Gazoo Racing – will present at the January Motor Show in Tokyo their own version of the coupe GT 86, called GRMN Sports FR Concept Platinum. Tuners have completely altered the exterior of a sport coupe, changing the design of the front and rear sides. The car received a new bumper, LED headlights, taillights, new fenders, hood with additional vents, a large rear wing, as well as 18-inch wheels with tires of dimension 245/40 front and 265/35 rear.

Toyota GT 86

Toyota GT 86 Model Pic

It is expected that the new product will get technical stuffing of the concept car “charged” version of the Toyota GT 86, that the team prepared for the Festival Gazoo speed at Goodwood, this summer. Coupe will receive a two-liter engine with dual supercharged (turbine and mechanical supercharger), which develops 330 horsepower and 431 Nm of torque. The motor will be paired with a six-speed “mechanics”.

Toyota GT 86

Toyota GT 86 Model Photo

In addition, the differences with new coupe will be seen in new friction on the rear axle, sports lowered suspension, more powerful brakes, and additional monitoring devices in the cabin.

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